Make Money By Investing Directly In American Oil Fields +20% Return

The following post is a sponsored article to review a new investment opportunity of Viscount Resources. They plan to offer their clients a basic material investment opportunity within the Schwarz Oil Wells, an oil field in Illinois Basin.

I know that you are real dividend investors but some of you also like direct investments in oil and gas ventures. America experiences a big energy boom for the time being. There is a huge potential of exploring and drilling oil and shale gas within the United States. Railroads and Pipeline stocks have benefited from higher prices for delivering these energy products and the best is yet to come.

Development of the world's energy production (click to enlarge)

Oil and natural gas accounting for more than half of the world’s energy demand. Combined with coal, fossil fuels dominate the global energy consumption with a market share of around 87 percent. Why are they so dominant? It’s easy to explain: The humans don’t need to pay the price of production from fossil fuels. That’s a major competitive advantage compared to new energy sources like solar, biogas or even wind power.

Today I would like to introduce a company that has a great experience in research of investments within the basic material sector. Viscount Resources, based in Gibraltar, are experts in oil and gas investment management. The company plans to manage a drilling and exploring oil venture in Illinois and wants to purchase a license agreement in the Swartz Oil Wells, an area of 640 acres in the Dale Consolidated Oil Field, a known producing area in the Illinois Basin, USA.  The Project Coordinators, Sunset Oil and Gas LLC, along with Drilling Contractor, George N. Mitchell Drilling Inc, have many years of experience operating together within the Illinois Basin.

You can get a full overview about the partners of the project in the Viscount Swartz Brochure. The project offers a double-digit annual return and should run over a lifespan of around 20 years.

The investment opportunity:
-With a 10,000 GBP investment to generate 10 barrels a day (1.365% Share).
- When oil is found investors will earn between GBP 2,400 & GBP 2,800 per annum (on average).
- Estimated return of 21% for the year after fees
- Monthly paid return when oil is being pumped out of the ground
- Potential to gain a higher return if the oil reserves are bigger than estimated
- A Rising oil price can increase your return
- Long Investment Period of 20 Years
- Currency Gains for a non UK-Investor

- Decreasing GBP/USD currency pair for non UK-Investors
- Risk of lower than estimated oil reserves
- Shrinking oil price can reduce your return
- Operational risks e.g. exploring and drilling risk

- 5% the fee which is GBP 120 and the small maintenance fee which will be on average GBP 155 for the year (both paid directly out of profits)

You can get a detailed overview about the project’s geological situation in the Swartz Geological Report. The report was prepared on November 17, 2012 and shows the potential of the whole area.

Direct investments in oil and gas are definitely riskier than normal investments in high-quality dividend stocks but they offer a great opportunity for risk-taking and yield seeking investors.

If you like to receive more information about the project or how to become a part of the project, you can submit your request or jump on a call with Viscount Resources at +44 (0) 203 397 6738.

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