Ex-Dividend Stocks As Of August 21, 2018

Please find below a list of tomorraow's ex-dividend stocks.

Ex-Dividend Stocks As Of 
Company Symbol % Yield Amount Period Get the…
ChnStrGbInc INB 8.63 0.069 Monthly Stock Report
C&S MLP Incm&Engy Opp MIE 8.48 0.077 Monthly Stock Report
CohSteer Opprtnty Fd FOF 7.9 0.087 Monthly Stock Report
Cohen&Steers Infr Fd UTF 7.9 0.155 Monthly Stock Report
Cohen&Steers Qual Inc RQI 7.66 0.08 Monthly Stock Report
Cohen&Steers Dur Pfd LDP 7.56 0.156 Monthly Stock Report
Cohen&Steers TR RFI 7.48 0.08 Monthly Stock Report
CohnStrsPfdInco RNP 7.47 0.124 Monthly Stock Report
Cohen&Strs Sel Prf Inco PSF 7.31 0.172 Monthly Stock Report
Deutsche Bk Contng Cap Tr DXB 6.33 0.40938 Quarterly Stock Report
CS X-Links Crude Oil ETN USOI 6.16 0.1403 Monthly Stock Report
Nielsen Holdings NLSN 5.35 0.35 Quarterly Stock Report
Nordic American Tankers NAT 3.86 0.02 Quarterly Stock Report
Equinor ADR EQNR 3.66 0.23 Quarterly Stock Report
Crawford&Co A CRDA 3.33 0.07 Quarterly Stock Report
Haverty Furniture HVT 3.27 0.18 Quarterly Stock Report
Cummins CMI 3.18 1.14 Quarterly Stock Report
Bunge Ltd BG 3.17 0.5 Quarterly Stock Report
Haverty Furniture A HVTA 3.13 0.17 Quarterly Stock Report
Coca-Cola European Ptrs CCE 2.81 0.3 Quarterly Stock Report
Autoliv ALV 2.68 0.62 Quarterly Stock Report
CS X Gold Cvrd Call ETN GLDI 2.67 0.0179 Monthly Stock Report
Powell Industries POWL 2.61 0.26 Quarterly Stock Report
Crawford&Co B CRDB 2.34 0.05 Quarterly Stock Report
CS X-Links Silver ETN SLVO 2.19 0.0124 Monthly Stock Report
Equinix EQIX 2.08 2.28 Quarterly Stock Report
PennantPark Floatg Rt Cap PFLT 1.58 0.018 Monthly Stock Report
D&B DNB 1.47 0.5225 Quarterly Stock Report
Southwest Airlines LUV 1.07 0.16 Quarterly Stock Report
Cognizant Tech Solutions CTSH 1.06 0.2 Quarterly Stock Report
Vulcan Materials VMC 1.02 0.28 Quarterly Stock Report
LeMaitre Vascular LMAT 0.75 0.07 Quarterly Stock Report
TransUnion TRU 0.4 0.075 Quarterly Stock Report
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